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The Real Market With Chris Rising

Jan 30, 2024

Welcome to Episode 90 of The Real Market with Chris Rising! Join us as we dive into the evolving world of office leasing and workplace trends with Todd Doney, Vice Chairman of CBRE. With knowledge of both landlord and tenant perspectives, Todd offers invaluable insights into the current state and future of office spaces.

Highlights of this episode:

  1. 2023 Office Leasing Analysis: Todd examines the dramatic downturn in office leasing during 2023, discussing its historical context and contributing factors like the pandemic and hybrid work models.

  2. Hybrid Work Impact: Explore the significant impact of hybrid working arrangements on office space utilization and the strategies companies are adopting in response.

  3. Shifts in Workplace Design: Understand how the pandemic has reshaped office design, focusing on collaboration, mentorship, and event-driven spaces.

  4. Geographical Market Trends: Dive into the varying performance of different markets such as Century City, Downtown LA, and others, discussing the factors influencing these trends.

  5. Real Estate Marketing Evolution: Todd talks about the changing landscape of real estate marketing, including the role of technology and social media in attracting tenants and leasing spaces.

  6. Advice for Aspiring Real Estate Professionals: For those eyeing a career in real estate, Todd shares valuable advice, drawing from his extensive experience and the current market dynamics.

Listen now to gain a comprehensive understanding of the commercial real estate market from one of the industry’s leading experts. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, new in the world of commercial real estate, or just passionate about understanding the post-pandemic office landscape, this episode offers rich insights and forward-looking perspectives.